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Pg. de la Devesa, 35 / 17005 Girona (Spain) / Phone: +34 872 08 07 09 / Fax: +34 972 21 15 40 / E-mail:

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Conference Centre

Pg. de la Devesa, 35
17001 Girona (Spain)

Info: +34 872 08 07 09

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Conference Centre : An Outstanding Location


Girona is one of the cities with most personality in Catalonia, with a very rich heritage from the past and an imposing series of historical monuments. The population of the present-day city is about 90,000 and its surface area is 38.38 km².

Located in the valley of the river Ter, at its confluence with the rivers GŘell, Galligants and Onyar -for this reason, it has been called the city of the four rivers-, Girona occupies a strategic site at the traditional passing-point between the North Eastern part of the Iberian Peninsula and the rest of Europe.

Walking through Girona is a whole discovery in itself, with streets large and small to get lost in. It has always been an open city, as is clear from the different historical remnants that can be found: whether they be Romanesque or Gothic, of Jewish or of Muslim origin. The Call, or former Jewish quarter which flourished from the 9th to the 15th centuries, still preserves the magic of its narrow inter-crossing alleys, with the Bonastruc ša Porta Centre as the undeniable centre of interest. The Call merges into the rest of the Old Town, with its sites full of history and its Cathedral (14th- 17th centuries), a spectacular building with the widest Gothic nave in the world (nearly 23 metres across).


The city has sites of great beauty: the houses on the Onyar, the city wall with its magnificent views, the Arab Baths, the Romanesque monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants, the Gothic former collegiate church of Sant Feliu. All of these are almost compulsory places to visit as you come across them while losing yourself under the spell of the city's charm.

Girona is a city of fascinating corners where everyday activities take place in incomparable settings. Places like the Plaša dels Jurats, in the heart of the Old Town, a quiet and serene square surrounded by stone, in the Archaeological Passage neighbourhood.

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